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Spiritual Care Week

Pastoral Care Week

Chaplaincy and Mental Health: It's Healthy to Get Help
October 22-28, 2023

Since 1985

Spiritual Care Week/Pastoral Care Week is hosted by The COMISS Network: The Network on Ministry in Specialized Settings.  The first Pastoral Care Week was held in October 1985. Since then it has grown beyond national to international proportions. The celebration of Spiritual Care Week provides an opportunity for chaplains and pastoral care counselors, educators and providers to share their story and to celebrate various ministries. More specifically, the established objectives of the Spiritual Care Week Committee outline the scope of Spiritual Care Week observance:

  • To celebrate the education for and practice of spiritual care through professional chaplaincy and pastoral counseling.

  • To interpret and promote pastoral care.

  • To honor and celebrate all practitioners of pastoral care.

  • To express appreciation to institutions and their staff who support pastoral care ministries.

  • To publicize the work of pastoral care organizations affiliated with COMISS.

  • To promote continuing education for clergy, laity, and institutional employees regarding the value of pastoral care. 

Each year a new theme brings to the light a certain aspect of spiritual care as a focus. A new theme invites us to new and creative ways to tell the story of spiritual care.

SINCE 1985

Celebrate This Week

Spiritual Care Week gives opportunities for organizations and institutions of all kinds and types to recognize the spiritual caregivers in their midst and the ministry which the caregivers provide.


This Year's Theme

Chaplaincy and Mental Health: 
It's Healthy to Get Help
Spiritual Care Week:  October 22-28, 2023
Theme Interpretation


Spirituality and Mental Health are close siblings.  The condition of one’s spiritual worldview has a direct impact on one’s mental well-being.  Spiritual Care Week provides the opportunity for chaplains, pastoral counselors, and other spiritual caregivers to focus on the importance of working closely with our mental health colleagues.  It is also an opportunity to review the state of our own spiritual journey.

Spiritual Care Week 2023 offers a venue within our individual settings to emphasize the integral work with our mental health colleagues as we intersect with a multitude of issues to name a few:

  • Pandemic fatigue and post-pandemic recovery

  • Promoting self-care and whole health

  • Family and Couples Counseling

  • Grief Groups

  • Multicultural spiritual counseling

  • Drug addiction

  • Trauma Recovery

  • End of Life


The integration of spiritual care and emotional support with mental health care increases the healing and peace that individuals seek and leads to a fuller and more balanced life.  Spiritual Care Week is a prime time to let others know that chaplains, pastoral counselors, and spiritual caregivers are accessible, present, and willing.  We affirm that “It’s Healthy to Get Help”!

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This Year's Logo

Spiritual Care week 2023png.png
Pastoral Care week 2023.png

The Spiritual/Pastoral Care Week Committee

For more information or to send feedback or comments please e-mail the

Spiritual Care Week Committee c/o 

Chaplain Tim Staker




Pastoral Care Week Committee:

Tim Staker:  Chair (First Term) - 2023-2026

George Akins - 2024

Clyde Angel - 2026

Brenda Brown - 2023

Kyle Christiansen - 2024

Carolyn Huff - 2024

Teresa Sires McIlwain - 2026


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Spiritual Care Week is no longer offering Spiritual or Pastoral Care Week celebration merchandise.  If you desire to have items available to support your local Spiritual Care Week celebration, we encourage you to download one of the printable logo images above and take it to a local printer or merchandiser to create any desired celebration items.




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