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Spiritual Care Week Celebrations
October 20-26, 2024

The week of October 20-26, 2024 represents 39 years of celebrating

Spiritual Care Week.

Spiritual Care Week is a time of both celebration and education. Organizations and institutions throughout the world will recognize spiritual care providers as well as the spiritual care given through professional chaplaincy and pastoral counseling within our communities. This year's theme is:  "Chaplains Beyond Religious Roles."  Chaplains are viewed through a lens whereby they collaborate in many different roles with many different professionals to provide holistic interdisciplinary care, which otherwise would not be complete if the chaplain were not included. 


Spiritual care has a wonderful history of cultures and religions which engage with a continuum of healthcare providers in supporting patients and families. This year's theme emphasizes collaboration with a focus on chaplains providing spiritual care in ways that affirm and value their contribution as well as foster an appreciation for what is considered important for holistic care. This lens serves as a focal point to capture what is considered important and conceptualizes messages or thoughts as images for later reflection. Chaplains should be within the frame of focus for healthcare professionals, patients, and families who directly benefit from their presence and spiritual care services. 


When chaplains are serving as part of an interdisciplinary team they are visible and regarded as an integral part of patient care. It is during these experiences, scope of practices, and interactions that the chaplain becomes one of the central subjects of focus for best practices and optimal care. They are within the lens, within focus, and demonstrate relevance as they give meaning to their trade as a chaplain.

​Spiritual Care Week is supported by the COMISS Network: The Network on Ministry in Specialized Settings (COMISS). COMISS members provide care in specialized settings such as hospitals, prisons, businesses, industries, long-term care facilities, pastoral counseling centers, hospices, military settings, nursing homes, corporations, congregations of sisters, priests and brothers, schools, and universities throughout the world. Among the variety of celebrations will be hand-blessing ceremonies for health workers; open houses; poetry jams by clients; lecture series and luncheons. Resources to help recognize and celebrate Spiritual Care Week are available at: or


(You are welcome to use the logo and any resources on this website to promote your local celebration.)

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